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    HEADSHOT, Davis Cook

SPHS Salutatorian Is A Problem Solver

Gracie Fairfax
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June 27, 2017

Davis Cook, salutatorian of Severna Park High School’s Class of 2017, loves to solve problems both in his classwork and as a member of the school’s robotics team.

While he was at the top of his class throughout high school, Cook was surprised to be named salutatorian, an accomplishment he partially credits to the work ethic instilled in him by his parents throughout his life. Besides being named salutatorian, Cook enjoyed the opportunity to get involved with activities outside of schoolwork – something he hadn’t done much of in middle school.

In the midst of involvement in the robotics team, the school’s literary magazine, Math Honor Society, National Honor Society and Social Studies Honor Society, Cook made sure he carefully evaluated the amount he could handle in his schedule. Outside of school, Cook played the electric bass in a band called Mistaken ID.

“It was both a challenge trying to decide how many things I could do while also being able to do them well,” Cook said. “I always wanted to be participating in as much as possible, and it takes a lot of time management and a lot of careful consideration to make that happen.”

Cook found his greatest accomplishment in high school not in any awards or recognitions but in the community of the robotics team and the ability it gave him to work with others to do something they all enjoyed. He served as a state officer for Maryland Technology Students Association (TSA) in his junior and senior year. The robotics team adviser and Cook’s engineering teacher during his freshman year, Geoff Bernstein, had a significant impact on Cook’s life as a mentor throughout high school. Bernstein was someone Cook could go to for both school and life advice.

“Davis has been a huge contributing member of our club, Technology Student Association, here at SPHS and also for the whole state of Maryland,” Bernstein said. “I first met Davis when he was a freshman and he was always the smart kid but not very outgoing. … Davis quickly found a group of students in TSA who helped him become more outgoing and further his personality. … He has been and always will be the go-to person to help you solve a problem but is always willing to learn from someone who knows more about a field.”

In the fall, Cook will attend the University of Maryland, College Park, where he plans to study computer science. He is considering pairing his computer science major with a minor in physics, math or astronomy.

Before he takes off for College Park, Cook is spending his summer as a web developer intern at ADG Creative in Columbia, Maryland, attending the TSA national conference in Orlando, Florida, and preparing for his college computer science classes.

Although he looks back fondly on his high school experience, he’s excited to further explore his interests and get involved in life on campus.

“I think all the good parts of the high school experience are going to continue into college,” Cook said.

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