August 10, 2018
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  • This month, students at Broadneck Elementary answered the question “What is an invention that would make life in the future much easier?”
    Photo by Maya Pottiger
    This month, students at Broadneck Elementary answered the question “What is an invention that would make life in the future much easier?”

Question Of The Month: Broadneck Elementary School

Dylan Roche
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January 10, 2018

Each month, the Severna Park Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students at Broadneck Elementary answered the question:

What is an invention that would make life in the future much easier?

My invention is a machine for cleaning. It would have a broom and mop for legs, a vacuum cleaner, feather duster, and spray bottle and cloth for arms.

Abby F.

My invention would help people that need homes. It’s a portable home. Tap it and it will fold down. Tap again and it will fold up.

Avery L.

People are struggling to make it to places on time, but with Hoverboards, we will be able to be on time. Imagine avoiding traffic while flying on a marvelous piece of technology.

Brayden G.

My invention is a waterproof and cushioned reusable box to help with mailing and homelessness. It would make sure fragile items are mailed safe and dry, and then a homeless person could live in it.

Brooke S.

Imagine you could spend less time getting to and from work. The Smart Jet Pack would prevent traffic, be comfortable and have no risk of injury.

Caleb Y.

My invention is a liquid-powered car that will help there be less pollution.

Callee H.

I would invent something for the U.S. Army that automatically heals wounds and will help save lives.

Cameron M.

My invention would be an Alzheimer’s scanner that detects how advanced the stage of the disease is and dispenses medicine to the patient.

Caroline C.

My idea is a tower that could get rid of a tornado. Tornados are made of cold and hot air mixed. My invention would warm it or cool it so it would vaporize.

Charlie M.

I created The Defender to help wounded warriors. It is a high-density bodysuit made of carbon fiber, nylon and Kevlar that helps soldiers to bruise instead of die from bullets.

Cullen P.

If I were to invent something that would make life better, I would invent a homeless tracker. It would tell homeless shelters where homeless people are.

Delaney T.

My helmet would detect concussions with a green light if the player doesn’t and a red light if the player does. It would have a strong, light, carbon fiber shell for protection.

Donovan B.

We need lightweight football helmets that would stop concussions from happening and tell you when to juke or spin, when to jump, lower your shoulder, or stiff-arm.

Donovan P.

Tired of walking? Get a Hoverboard flying in mid-air. Strap your feet to the pedestals and you’re good. Goes up to 20mph so you can get to school and work faster.

Dylan J.

Killing the world with pollution is terrible. That's why I made a bubble cart car that produces bubbles instead of exhaust fumes.

Grace G.

My invention is the Laundry 2000, which folds and puts away laundry, which helps people have a cleaner room and have more time for work and family.

Gabrielle K.

My invention is flying Hoverboards that will help the problem of heavy traffic. It will help people arrive to places faster and avoid traffic jams and will have a safety feature.

Harper J.

Doing laundry is flat-out boring. That’s why I would make a robotic arm that could switch loads, fold and put away laundry.

Jack R.

My invention helps people who do not have time to make breakfast in the morning. You type in what you want to eat and out would pop your favorite breakfast.

Katelyn C.

My invention is a H2SO4 and CO2 filter that will be placed on top of smokestacks made from powdered concrete and compressed oxygen and will stop harmful chemicals from coming out.

Krishna P.

My invention is a nature-friendly car. This car would take in fruit peels as fuel and blow out less fumes. This would stop car pollution in our air and water.

Lillian M.

My invention is a babysitting robot that plays catch, sings songs and talk to your kids while you run errands. Hours of kid-friendly fun will make your children forget all about your absence.

Sarah M.

My invention is called Hawkins. This is a place for people who do not have a lot of money. You would just come to this store and get things you need for a low cost.

Sophia L.

My invention is “NoDrop” football gloves made from crab waste on the sticky side and a breathable material on the other. This will be comfortable and help you catch footballs easily.


My invention will help the U.S. Army. You throw a metal plate under the enemy's feet and press a button. Lasers shoot up around the enemy, making a laser bar portable prison.

Zach M.

I would invent a robotic lacrosse stick. It would help people with paralyzed arms be able to be in the Paralympics, which would have a positive impact on the game and injured people.

Zach P.

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