December 14, 2018
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The Man Who Got Shot

Ellen Kinsella
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February 6, 2018

“Lucy,” a young, married mother of three, and her husband, “Paul,” are both employed. One day, Lucy received a panicked call from her husband’s boss stating that Paul had been struck by a bullet intended for someone else at work. He had been literally caught in the crossfire in this bizarre situation, and the bullet had hit him in the femoral artery.

Paul was taken by ambulance to Shock Trauma, where he remained for a week, hovering between life and death. Lucy didn’t leave his side, other than to check on the couple’s children, who were being watched by a friend. Paul was lucky to live but will be unable to work for months, as he is still recovering and in intense physical therapy.

The second tragedy occurred when Paul and Lucy discovered Paul would not receive worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance. Without Paul’s income, they blew through their savings quickly, and were suddenly faced with the nightmare of being unable to afford rent, utilities or food. While Paul did qualify for some government assistance, the paperwork would delay any help for at least a month.

This story does not evoke images of our little area of the county, and although the event occurred in Baltimore, the family resides within our local coverage area. Luckily, between SPAN and other county assistance networks, we were able to help this family enough to prevent them from losing their home while Paul recovers.

While this is an extreme case, almost all the clients we see are facing some type of unexpected emergency, whether it be a job layoff, an illness or a car accident. A comment we frequently hear is, “I never thought I would ever be in a position like this.” Believe it or not, SPAN clients come from every neighborhood, probably even yours! Your donations are very much appreciated, and help families like Paul and Lucy’s.

We currently have a full food pantry, thanks to many donations. If you’d like to help, our greatest need is financial. We use your donations for court-ordered evictions, utility turn-offs and medical co-pays. We pay directly to the providers, after verifying residency and eligibility requirements. To read about some of our interesting stories, follow us on Facebook.

SPAN (Serving People Across Neighborhoods) is a faith-based nonprofit food pantry and emergency services provider that has been helping local families with eviction prevention, utility turnoffs, prescription needs and food since 1990. Call 410-647-0889, email or visit for more information. Financial donations may be made through the website. Food donations may be dropped off 24/7 using the storage bin behind the building.

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