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Broadneck Golf Wins A Division Match At Chartwell

Written by Colin Murphy | August 25, 2015

Cameron McCartney shot a nine-hole score of 38 at Chartwell Country Club on August 25 to lead the Broadneck golf team to a total score of 171 and a win over South River, Severna Park and Arundel in the county’s A Division opener.

The Bruins topped the Seahawks (177), Falcons (179) and Wildcats (189) to move to 1-0. Broadneck’s Connor Jaenke and South River’s Joey Gaulin each carded a 40.

The low female on the day was Severna Park captain Lauren Appel, who shot 50.

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SPY Swimmers Qualify For Long-Course Nationals

Written by Colin Murphy | July 14, 2015

Congrats to SPY's first-time YMCA Long Course National qualifiers Ian Weiner (100 back) and Richie Baker (100 free and 50 free)! Congrats to Kierra Murphy on re-qualifying for YMCA LC Nationals in the 100 back. They will join Sam Fuller in Indianapolis for Long Course Y Nationals in early August!

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Cedric Pittman - The Stone Store's picture

All Decked Out: Modern Backyard Pools

Written by Cedric Pittman - The Stone Store | March 13, 2015

There are many questions to answer when considering pool installation. Homeowners ask themselves many questions: How much will it cost? How long will it take? What size? What shape? Among the many questions, one of the more intriguing ones is “What are my decking options?”

In the past several years, these options have grown, giving most pool owners the ability to customize to their preferred specifications.

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Diane Whittles - SERVPRO's picture

Spring Rainfall Can Bring Disruptive Water Damage

Written by Diane Whittles - SERVPRO | March 13, 2015

April showers might bring May flowers, but heavy rainfall can also bring water intrusion. While rainwater is considered “clean water,” its invasion can wreak havoc on your home or business. Nothing is worse for a business owner than discovering client files floating or a homeowner seeing cherished family heirlooms underwater.

Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts should you find yourself with water damage.


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Lisa Walsh - Solar Energy Services's picture

Thinking Of A Solar Lease? Think Again

Written by Lisa Walsh - Solar Energy Services | March 13, 2015

Anne Arundel County has an unprecedented number of solar system installations, many of which are zero-down solar leases, where the homeowner essentially switches utilities from BGE to a national solar lease company. These leases have received a lot of scrutiny recently, so in the spirit of transparency, let’s take a closer look at the messages that most major solar lease companies are putting out there.

“No Money Down!”

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Jeff Crandell - Scapes Inc.'s picture

Create Your Own “Staycation”

Written by Jeff Crandell - Scapes Inc. | March 12, 2015

With fluctuating gas prices, a challenging economy and a general uncertainty in the world around us, it’s no wonder that families are staying close to home these days. Instead of traveling to an exotic resort to relax and unwind, consumers are creating their own resort-like atmospheres with all of the amenities in their backyards. Multifunction patios, built-in kitchens and bars, and fireplaces are just a few of the elements that encourage households to vacation at home.

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Kendra Burnett - Mosquito Squad's picture

Malaria: A Preventable And Treatable Disease

Written by Kendra Burnett - Mosquito Squad | March 12, 2015

To most Americans, mosquitoes are merely a backyard annoyance, but around the world, they pose a much greater risk. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet, killing millions of people each year. How do they do it? They transmit diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, encephalitis and Dengue fever through their bite.

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Matt Lehmann - Moran Insurance's picture

An Innovative New Approach To The Home Appraisal Process

Written by Matt Lehmann - Moran Insurance | March 12, 2015

Whenever a natural catastrophe occurs, the issue of underinsurance is illuminated in the mainstream press. Once again, everyone is reminded of the crippling financial effect that being underinsured can have, not only on a household but also on a community. Avoiding underinsurance requires the right coverage combined with the right limits. In exchange for providing generous coverage like guaranteed replacement cost, specialist insurers like PURE invest heavily on appraisal services to determine the appropriate coverage limit - insurance to value.

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Jon Beauchamp - Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence's picture

Building A Deck Is A Sensible Way To Spend Time With Family

Written by Jon Beauchamp - Mid-Atlantic Deck and Fence | March 12, 2015

Time with family and friends is very important to most of us, and there are many places we can go and several ways we can spend that time. With spring approaching, a lot of us will decide that a vacation would be a nice way to spend time with the special people in our lives. But traveling can be stressful, and depending on where you decide to go, it can cost a lot of money and not leave you with much to show for it.

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Amy Saunders - Massage Envy's picture

From Head To Toe, Massage Is Far More Than A Professional Back Rub

Written by Amy Saunders - Massage Envy | March 12, 2015

Remember that song you learned as a kid? The hand bone is connected to the arm bone. The arm bone is connected to the shoulder bone. “It's all true,” said CG Funk, vice president of industry relations for Massage Envy Spa and a licensed massage therapist. “That's why therapists typically work the whole body.” Here's a top-to-bottom overview of how massage benefits every part of you.

Head and Neck

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