August 15, 2018
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  • A cast of (l-r) Frank Antonio, Ronnie Schronce, Joe Rose, Nicholas Garvey, Tyler White and Blaise Shunk will present “Damn Yankees” at Anne Arundel Community College on the weekends of July 13 and July 22.
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    A cast of (l-r) Frank Antonio, Ronnie Schronce, Joe Rose, Nicholas Garvey, Tyler White and Blaise Shunk will present “Damn Yankees” at Anne Arundel Community College on the weekends of July 13 and July 22.

Pasadena Theatre Company Brings “Damn Yankees” To AACC Stage

Judy Tacyn
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June 27, 2018

Whether you are a Baltimore or Washington baseball fan, there is a strong likelihood that you have muttered “damn Yankees!” at some point every year between April and October. The expression was used in Douglass Wallop’s 1954 book “The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant,” a story set in the 1950s when the New York Yankees dominated Major League Baseball.

In 1955, the story was adapted for Broadway as “Damn Yankees,” and has been produced several times since. It’s worldwide popularity goes well beyond baseball, however. People of all ages can relate to being asked, “How far will you go to win?”

Joe Boyd, the middle-aged husband and protagonist in “Damn Yankees,” is offered a devilish chance to transform into a ballplayer named Joe Hardy, who is capable of changing the fortunes — or misfortunes — of the hapless Washington Senators, but before his favorite team can find success, Joe must leave the love of his wife, Meg.

The Pasadena Theatre Company will present “Damn Yankees” on the weekends of July 13 and July 22 at Anne Arundel Community College in the humanities recital hall.

“This is a great, witty musical,” said Pasadena Theatre Company’s artistic director, Chuck Dick. Dick plays Mr. Applegate, the devil himself in disguise. “‘Damn Yankees’ comes from the golden age of musicals. The songs, the story and the dancing are all very strong.”

Christy Stouffer pulls double duty as Meg Boyd and as the production’s choreographer.

“Meg is the quintessential 1950s housewife,” said Stouffer. “She’s loyal, caring, a bit of an optimist, a baseball widow who adores her husband, but she also has friends and hobbies of her own. At its heart, this is a love story, and Meg’s love for Joe, and his for her.”

Wearing her choreographer’s cap, Stouffer said, “I hope everyone enjoys the energy of the dances. This is such a fun show, with wonderful comic bits and great songs. The choreography adds to the visual enjoyment of the numbers, and helps define the characters of key players.”

The show encompasses a range of dance styles. “You’ll see bits of jazz, tap, Irish, gymnastics, Latin, hoedown, ballroom and pure Fosse in it,” Stouffer noted.

Stouffer said playing Meg is particularly complex as she deeply misses her husband, but is inexplicably attracted to the young Joe Hardy. Joe Rose plays both Joe Boyd and his younger alter ego, Joe Hardy.

Dick said he gets a chuckle from playing such a diabolically charismatic villain like Mr. Applegate. “It’s fun to play a bad guy that people kind of like,” said Dick. “Mr. Applegate is comical and quite enchanting.”

Although he knows the audience will be rooting for Meg and Joe Boyd, Dick said his character is entertaining to watch and to play. “Can anyone ever really trust the devil,” said Dick with a devilish twinkle in his eye.

Will Joe Boyd take Mr. Applegate’s deal? Or will love conquer all and reunite Joe and his precious Meg? Tickets start at $15 and can be purchased at

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