July 21, 2017
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  • A Look Inside This Year’s Budget

    By Steve Schuh
    If there is one word to describe this year’s budget season, it would be “inclusive.”
    Our process commenced in February and March when we began meeting with the public to better understand their priorities. At two town halls, our departments met face to face with constituents from...
  • Following So-And-So Off A Cliff

    By Delegate Michael Malone
    My wife and I have four children, so it's not terribly uncommon to overhear something like:
    Parent: I can't believe you did X.
    Child: So-and-so did it first.
    Parent: If so-and-so jumped off a cliff, would you follow him?
    Democratic leaders in Maryland seem to think it's OK...
  • Recognizing Maryland’s Bright Lights

    By Peter Franchot
    In my travels across our great state, I have been fortunate to visit some of the great businesses that are headquartered in Maryland. We’re home to Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin and Marriott International, and to global brands like JoS. A. Bank, STX and Under Armour.
    Of course,...

    How Motocross Will Change Our County’s Criminal Justice System

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    Motocross is a sport that leads to many injuries no matter how good you are. It just can’t be avoided. Anyone who has ever ridden knows this painful reality, but the fun of it all keeps you ridding. Once in your blood, it’s a sport you never seem to grow out of. Sorry, Mom. I have the...
  • Letter To The Editor: Agree To Disagree

    By WISE
    Everyone in Severna Park knows if you attend any social function, you will most likely know the intimate details of the host’s kitchen backsplash remodel, everyone’s vacation plans, and where to find a sale for those earrings or shoes your friends were wearing. What won’t be discussed by anyone who desires to remain on the invite list is politics, money or religion. While we can talk the pants off a subject about nothing, we avoid anything that borders on controversial.

    It’s becoming very difficult to avoid these topics with the explosion of social media and 24-hour news cycles constantly bombarding us with information and unsolicited opinions, and our political...
  • Hit A Home Run This Summer At Maryland’s Craft Breweries

    By Peter Franchot
    As summertime approaches, I can’t think of two things that go better together on a sweltering day than baseball and cold beer.

    And Maryland is home to the best of both – the Orioles are one of the top teams in the American League and craft brewers from the mountains of Western Maryland to the Ocean City boardwalk are producing award-winning beer.

    In that spirit, I recently joined the Brewers Association of Maryland and the Maryland Office of Tourism at Peabody Heights Brewery in Baltimore to announce the launch of the Baseball & Brew Scorecard. This fun game encourages Marylanders and out-of-state visitors to hit the road this summer and fill out their scorecards by...
  • Does Anne Arundel County Budget Backwards?

    By Councilman Michael Peroutka
    May is budget month for the government of Anne Arundel County. The operating budget for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018) is expected to be just over $1.5 billion.

    Raise your hand if you think this is a lot of money. Me too.

    And in one way or another, it all comes from the taxpayers of the county by means of property tax, an income tax, a transfer tax (sale of real property), and various other taxes and fees. More than half of this is allocated to the school system, with the remainder spent on an incredibly wide range of stuff.

    But as the council works through this budget, I get a funny feeling that something is not quite right, and a question starts to nag at me.

    “Are we budgeting...
  • Special Arrest Warrant Reduction Initiative

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    My office has taken great pride in developing unique ways to reduce the number of arrest warrants in Anne Arundel County. Besides using traditional methods, we have initiated creative arrest stings designed to fool criminals; conducted multiagency, large-scale arrest sweeps; showcased wanted people...
  • Hit A Home Run This Summer At Maryland’s Craft Breweries

    By Peter Franchot
    As summertime approaches, I can’t think of two things that go better together on a sweltering day than baseball and cold beer.
    And Maryland is home to the best of both – the Orioles are one of the top teams in the American League and craft brewers from the mountains of Western Maryland...
  • Letter To The Editor: The Rise And Demise Of The Preservation-Oriented Development Bill, 94-16

    By Anonymous
    The land, streams, rivers and the bay in Anne Arundel County have existed for centuries. Mother Nature developed the county and maintained it as a perfect place to live. The government was formed to protect the land and the people who live here. They wrote a code to provide that protection. They...

    WISE Town Hall Generates Discussion Between Citizens And Elected Officials

    By Dylan Roche
    About 300 people made their way inside Woods Memorial Church on the evening of Monday, May 15, for the first District 33 town hall hosted by WISE (Women Indivisible Strong Effective), a newly formed grassroots activism group that, per its mission statement, “provides a platform for diverse...
  • Recently Archived

  • Letter To The Editor: Outstanding Customer Service

    By Anonymous
    I am overwhelmed by the compassion, professionalism and just sheer kindness I received from Dr. Brian Valle, DDS. So here goes my story. It is so important to let the community know that there are still many people in business that will go above and beyond and not expect anything in return.
    On a...
  • Have An Opinion? Share It With Us!Exclusive

    By Anonymous
    We want to hear your thoughts regarding what’s happening in the neighborhood. Is there a current issue at hand that you feel strongly about? We know our readers are passionate about their neighborhoods, schools, community and so much more – and the Voice would love for you to tell us...
  • Activism: A Positive Gain For The CommunityExclusive

    By Patrick Armstrong
    The dawn of the Trump presidency created a stir in Anne Arundel County at a time when we desperately needed a boost to civic engagement. With sheer disgust and total outrage at our elected officials in the Trump administration and right here in Severna Park, Arnold, Millersville and beyond, folks...
  • Letter To The Editor: Hate In Our Backyard – A Teachable Moment?Exclusive

    By WISE
    The 10-year-old son of one of our WISE (Women, Indivisible, Strong, Effective) members came home from school last week, sad and confused. His classmate was absent. She was staying home to say a heartbreaking goodbye to her aunt and uncle who were being deported. We like to think of our community as...
  • A Budget That Advances A Fundamental Vision

    By County Executive Steve Schuh
    On May 1, I presented our proposed Fiscal Year 2018 (FY2018) budget to the county council. I am excited about this budget and believe it advances our administration's fundamental vision of making Anne Arundel County the best place to live, work and start a business in Maryland.
    The budget...
  • An Elected School Board For Anne Arundel County

    By Steve Schuh
    Last month was historic for our county, our school system, our parents and our students. In a stunning and complete turnaround in policy, state legislators voted to replace Anne Arundel County's appointed school board with an elected school board.
    I have consistently pushed for an elected...
  • The End Of Session

    By Senator Ed Reilly
    Governor Larry Hogan’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which goes into effect on July 1, 2017, fully funds state obligations while having fiscal restraint. For the third year in a row, there are no new fees or taxes in the state budget. This is an operating budget of $17.1 billion. When...
  • One Of Blue’s Toughest Jobs

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    Cops are not supposed to cry. They can't. If they did, they might be considered, God forbid, human. Dealing with death as a law enforcement office has far more implications than most would believe, especially for the deputy or officer giving a death notification. It's a part of the job no...
  • If You’re Reading This, I May Owe You Money!

    By Peter Franchot
    In Maryland, you don’t have to buy a lottery ticket to win the jackpot.
    While my agency has the important but unenviable task of collecting taxes, the comptroller’s office also serves as the legal custodian of Marylanders’ unclaimed properties. That means my staff and I get to...
  • Can Anne Arundel Opt Out?

    By Councilman Michael Peroutka
    At the April 3 county council meeting, I offered a resolution concerning the Maryland Trust Act, which was at that time pending a final vote in the General Assembly. My resolution received significant support and attracted a great deal of opposition. You might say that the public hearing on the...

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