June 21, 2018
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  • Questions And Answers With The CandidatesExclusive

    By Voice Media
    NOTE: This web-exclusive version of our Q&A with the candidates includes several submissions that were left out of print because of an oversight on the part of the Voice. We regret the error and encourage our readers to note the addition of Kathleen Elmore (Circuit Court judge), Vincent...
  • Meet The Candidates

    By Voice Media
    In anticipation of the primary election coming up on Tuesday, June 26, the Severna Park Voice invited each of the candidates for public office to submit a short bio letting readers know who they are. This is what the people asking for your vote want you to know about them:
    County Executive...
  • AAGOP Central Committee Announces Vacancies In District 31

    The Republican State Central Committee of Anne Arundel County today announced two committee member vacancies in District 31 (Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Brooklyn Park, Severna Park, Millersville). These vacancies were created by former committee members Michael Peroutka and Nathan Volke, both of whom...
  • Will You Be Part Of The Plan?

    By Councilman Michael Peroutka
    In May of last year, the county council passed a resolution (18-17) urging the county executive and the Office of Planning and Zoning to begin the comprehensive review of the county’s 2019 General Development Plan (GDP) during 2017. This amounted to a “jumpstart” of the planning...
  • Changes For Our Chambers Of Commerce

    By Steve Schuh
    Anne Arundel County has been blessed with a number of vibrant, active chambers of commerce that represent the interests of small business owners at the state and local level. The success of these chambers is a direct result of the effective leadership of their executive directors.

    The last two years have witnessed a sea change in the leadership for the county’s chambers, as many of these incredible business advocates have retired or moved. Anne Arundel County benefited from their more than 60 years of collective guidance.

    First to leave us was Claire Louder of the West County Chamber. Claire’s energetic leadership led to a doubling of the chamber’s membership and an...
  • Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

    By Delegate Michael Malone
    According to the Centers for Disease Control, opioid overdoses kill five Americans every hour. In 2016, and again in 2017, more Americans died from opioid-related overdoses than died than in car crashes, by gun violence, during the peak year of the AIDS epidemic, or during the entire Vietnam War. Since 2015, opioid use has spiked in every area of the country, in both men and women, and in all age groups, even children and teenagers. Here in Maryland, Anne Arundel County is third in opioid-related overdoses, behind Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

    Opioids bind to areas of the brain that control pain and emotions, increasing the levels of dopamine and producing intense feelings of...
  • Four Pieces Of Legislation On Gun Control

    By Senator Ed Reilly
    One of the most important issues facing governments of all levels is gun control. Just recently, our state had a school shooting in St. Mary’s County where one student was wounded and two were fatally wounded. Every year in the Maryland General Assembly, lawmakers submit “gun bills” that try to keep our citizens safe from gun violence while keeping a balance with our Second Amendment rights.

    In this legislative session, four pieces of legislation were introduced by Senator Steve Waugh of Calvert and St. Mary’s counties. They are a bipartisan consensus package that will dramatically improve our children’s safety in schools.


    SENATE BILL 1262 –...
  • News From The Statehouse

    By Delegate Tony McConkey
    The spring lull in Maryland politics is cancelled this year. Elections are coming.
    The General Assembly ends on April 9. The usual break in politics will be delayed as everyone rushes back to their districts to begin battling to earn another four years in office, starting with the June 26 primary...
  • Tax Time

    By Peter Franchot
    We’re coming down to the wire before the April 17 tax filing deadline, so for all you procrastinators out there, I wanted to send a few reminders and provide a couple updates.
    First, the above date is not a mistake. The reason you have two extra days to file is because April 15 is a Sunday...

    Advocate, Educate, Accept, Love

    By Ron Bateman
    Throughout April, the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office will participate in National Autism Awareness Month. Autism and Asperger syndrome have directly touched many members of our agency, and we stand together to educate ourselves and our community so that we may all be the best possible...
  • End Gerrymaryland

    By Delegate Michael Malone
    Look, it's a Rorschach blot! It's a crazy quilt! It's a constipated dragon! It's definitely not Superman. It's a map of Maryland's congressional districts.
    This year, I brought the fight against congressional gerrymandering back to the General Assembly, introducing House...
  • Recently Archived

  • A Freeze On Development

    By Steve Schuh
    Anne Arundel County is a wonderful place, which is why more people want to come here to live and work. However, an increasing population puts stress on our schools, roads and public safety. To manage these stresses, our administration is committed to smart growth in areas with adequate...
  • Radical Changes To Our School Safety Plan

    By Ron Bateman
    As our country scratches and claws for answers to protect our children in schools, I have offered a five-point plan to help minimize armed threats. The Anne Arundel County Police Department and our public school system have done an outstanding job with the minimal resources at their disposal, but...
  • Righting The Wrongs Of The “Slots For Tots” Promise

    By Peter Franchot
    Back in 2007, I was still getting used to my new position as comptroller when momentum to legalize slot machine gambling intensified.
    It was the depth of the recession, the state had a huge budget hole and lawmakers were desperate for more revenue to plug the gap. So, after years of rebuffing the...
  • “Slots For Tots” Vs. The Commitment To Education Act

    By Senator Ed Reilly
    “Slots for Tots” was a cute slogan for a referendum item on the 2008 General Election ballot. That item would allow video lottery terminals in newly built Maryland casinos, with proceeds from the slots to benefit Maryland public schools.
    Here’s a little refresher on how this...
  • Schallheim Announces Board Of Ed CandidacyExclusive

    Dana Schallheim has a 30-year history of volunteer work and serving her community, experience that she hopes to bring to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education as a representative for District 5.
    Her advocacy work ranges from social justice to helping children in need and repairing the...
  • Farewell, Marjorie Holt

    By Steve Schuh
    Our county lost a legend recently. Former Rep. Marjorie Holt was an icon whose legacy continues to reverberate here in Anne Arundel County. For 14 years, she diligently served the Fourth District with honor and distinction, worked shamelessly across the aisle, and cared deeply for Maryland and...
  • News From The State House

    By Delegate Tony McConkey
    Noting the near-universal American pastime of complaining about taxes, I have been surprised at the level of ingratitude that has accompanied the federal tax cuts in December. Maryland politicians have repeatedly spoken of the need to protect the state from the “impact of the cuts,” as...
  • Frederick Douglass

    By Senator Ed Reilly
    Maryland has an incredibly rich African-American history, which is now being recognized after so many centuries of being ignored. This year, we have the honor of celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of noted abolitionist, preacher, orator and statesman Frederick Douglass.
    Frederick Douglass...
  • What Federal Tax Reform Means For Maryland

    By Peter Franchot
    When Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December, it left many unanswered questions.
    Who will benefit? Who will be harmed? Will corporate tax relief really boost the economy and have trickle-down effects, despite past failures? Will tax bills go down for the long haul or will it be...
  • Sheriff’s Office Partners with Chesapeake K-9 Fund

    By Sheriff Ron Bateman
    A little over a year ago, board members of the Chesapeake K-9 Fund reached out to my agency to see if they could help in the purchase of K-9 equipment for our unit. You see, the Chesapeake K-9 Fund is the brainchild of Wendy Oliver, a wonderful woman whose energy, optimism and unbridled enthusiasm...

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